Since I have been using HairClutch not once have I had my extensions damaged or tangle and I'm always ready to make an appearance.

- Angela Martini, supermodel

Oh hello cute and organized HairClutch! What a great way to keep all my hairs organized, thanks @HairClutch!

- Priscilla Valles, Celebrity Hair Extension Specialist

I absolutely love my HairClutch. I’m always running around from casting to casting. Sometimes I’m going to a job where they want a girl with short hair and the next minute I’m going to a casting where they need a model with long luxurious hair. I bring my hair clutch with me in my purse and no one suspects it to be anything other than a fabulous clutch! It’s gorgeous and perfect for holding my extensions in place when I’m curling them when they’re not in my head. I’m obsessed. If you wear clip in extensions, you need this!

- Nikki Howard, Model

I LOVE my HairClutch. I couldn’t believe I was spending a few hundred dollars on great extensions only to throw them in my bag when I needed to travel. When I got to my destination, the hair was in terrible shape and I had to dig it out of the bottom of my bag. Now, my hair stays put together and neat and I don’t have to waste my time getting it all straightened up again. I love how cute it is too! I can have it out on my counter and my husband and has no clue that my extensions are in there, he thinks its just another one of my cute clutches. Thank you for making something that solved an ongoing problem for me.. and looks cute doing it!

- Lara Bandler - Owner, The Co-Op PR Agency

Wow, I can't believe it took this long for somebody to create a functional way to care and protect hair extensions. I love this item so much I tried to buy the company, but these ladies won't sell

- Ricky Kenig, Beauty Curator