Meet the Dames, Amalia Moscoso and Debbie Batres. Childhood besties on a mission—to create innovative beauty products.  With you DAMEs in mind, Amalia and Debbie bring you their debut product: HairClutch. "We want to protect your hair pieces in a fashionable way."

The patent-protected debut luxury collection, HairClutch by Dame is now available! 



Whether you’re the sophisticated princess of the group, the on-trend diva, or the baddest business bitch in town, you deserve the best beauty products in the world. We at HOUSE OF DAME are here to help you feel and look your best, no matter what kind of DAME you feel like being today. 



We started our company as a passion to provide the best hair and beauty products in the world. We are two best friends on a mission to boost your style and your self-expression. Our co-founders have been in the hair and beauty world for over a decade. Amalia: the bi-coastal stylist, highly sought-after for her hair extension services and cutting edge styles; and Debbie, her best friend, a powerful business and beauty muse, after all things fun, stylish and necessary to express who we are as women in this world.  

Our company is dedicated to providing all you DAMEs the most innovative products available to make your feel and look your best.  Hair extensions are fun fashionable and don't need to be hidden anymore! Not when you have your HairClutch! It is the only way to carry and store your lovely hairpieces. 

Hair is what makes us feel beautiful, stylish and individualistic, it is the best accessory we have.  When our hair is on point so are we. No matter how much we may pucker up our lips, dramatize our lashes or style our clothes, we need our hair to be the main game.  

Meet our debut product: HairClutch! The only patented hair-carrying and storage product available made with all you DAMEs in mind.  

The HairClutch will revolutionize the way we carry and store our hair extensions. Whether you want to go a lil Bridget Bardot one day and power up your blonde look, or sassy and sexy up your darker locks, or play with a bang piece one day and a ponytail piece another, HairClutch has your back. This is where your hair is given the proper home in between your styles.  We want to look and feel beautiful and so does our precious hair. HairClutch is the only patented product to protect and safely transport your hair extensions, designed for all your styles.

Now you can have the best kept celebrity secret, from set stages and runways now to your home!  See why everyone is on love with HairClutch!