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  • Friday Feature: Shower Caps

    Posted 19 May 2017

  • Hair Jewelry: How to Rock It Wihtout Looking 12

    Posted 17 May 2017

    the hair dame accessories

    Hi Dames! So, I am totally obsessed with the fact  hair jewelry and accessories are totally a thing right now. All the celebs are rocking them on red carpets, and summer draws us  in to want to accessorize basic styles to look , well, not basic.  This bares the question, how do i rock hair jewelry and accessories without looking 12. Well, there are a few  answers.

    1) Make sure your hair is actually styled first. a 12 year old will have straight hair dried hair with a clip pulling it back . A dame should have their hair in some form of wave or style  and or a sophisticated part that looks intentional.

    the hair dame

    2) Don’t rock the accessory  in the same way as a 12 year old. Be creative with placement of head bands, whether just along your hair line, or more like a head wrap, place them in a cute pixie to accentuate the style.

    leila spilman


    jamie hauptmann

    3) Layer barrettes with color or style to make it look chunky. Place the barrettes in cute places to accentuate the style not just be functional. Below are some examples.

    laila spilman

    the hair dame

    leila spilman


    Let me know what you think dames! I promise you, even the cheesiest looking glam pieces can be pulled off with the right hairstyle to go along with it. I get so many compliment with pieces i even get from the drug store. Its all about how my hair is styled under the accessory.



    Amalia Moscoso

    The Hair Dame

  • Cool for the Summer: 6 Fun and Easy hairstyles That Aren’t Boring!

    Posted 16 May 2017

    alex rodriguez

    HI Dames! Summer is right at your doorstep so I wanted to give you some cool ideas of how to through your hair in a cool style on the go. Below are 6 easy go to’s you can rock anytime or anywhere. They all can go from beach to party, office to drinks, or day time shopping to evening date. Check it out..


    summer hairstyles with secret extensions


    Look 1: A side french braid is an easy go to, but thats not all thats happening here. She is wearing the Salon Edition Secret Extensions, which is 18″ of length. You can use your HairClutch to assist you with holding the hair while you beach wave it. Then throw them on and braid the side and bam, sexy summer here you go!

    jamie hauptmaunn


    Look 2: To knots aren’t going anywhere, they are still cool, and this summer you can play with this look like Jamie did by adding Secret extensions to give you blonder vibes with this style. Jamie has hardly any blonde in her natural hair, and you can see here, she has a flawless balayage look going on.

    alex rodriguez


    Look 3: A top bun is always a good go to but how about bangs? Yes!! These are actually clip on bangs. The Secret bangs are so cool, they have a great shape that are easily customizable in the cut and the colors blend in so well with any hair color. you can get yours here.

    the hair dame and secret extensions


    Look 4: You want to rock a high pony like Khloe Kardashian and want some blonde bits and fullness? Check out this video on how to achieve this look with Secret Extensions ~> Here.

    jamie hauptmann


    Look 5: Fishtail braids? Yes please! Lets be honest though, these braids look cooler with a pop of color in them. You can achieve this look by using some blonde Secret Extensions.

    FullSizeRender 5Look 6: Add accessories to your style! In this case, adding little metal flowers or cute pints to your bobble braid is a nice touch. It just spices up your style and takes it from day to night seemlessly.

    Make sure to tag us on your hairstyles for a repost!


    Amalia Moscoso

    The Hair Dame



  • 7 Reasons You Want Secret Extensions + 7 Easy Styles To Do Yourself

    Posted 12 May 2017


    Hi Dames! Hair extensions are all the rage, but not many provide the ability for as much versatility as others. Secret Extensions gives you maximum looks to work with from color and length to assistance upgrading your hairstyles with more flavor. Take a stroll with us down the hair dream path with our friend Jamie Hauptmann as we break down exactly what you can do with your color and hairstyles.


    Reason #1 Hair life is just a little boring without extra hair pieces. Here’s Jamie, before Secret Extensions entered.


    Reason #2 Add length and volume with your natural color. 16″ of length and double the volume has made Jamie’s hair wow worthy. This is her natural color


    Reason #3 You can alter your hair color even slightly by adding a darker hair piece. Jamie used a much darker hair piece with ombre ends.


    Reason #4 You can layer different colors using multiple pieces to create multi dimensional blondes in your hair.


    Reason #5 Create long fun braids adding dimensional color to them!


    Reason #6 Give yourself extra length and volume when going half up for a top knot!


    Reason #7 Say goodbye to limp ponytails. This hair can give you THE perfect pony.

    If these pictures weren’t enough inspiration for you, check out this video I created with Jamie and Kevin Maher. This Dame definitely knows how to drop it like its hot with her Secret Extensions!


    You can get your Secret Extensions here and make sure to pair it with your HairClutch.

    Big thanks to Jamie Hauptmann @jamiehauptmann  Kevin Maher @kmaher56

    Shout out and thank you to Candice for the music: @ticandace “Duttyboy”



    Amalia Moscoso

    The Hair Dame

  • 3 Easy Summer Hairstyles for Dames With Short-to-Medium Length Hair

    Posted 10 May 2017

  • The Hair Dame Answers: How Do Split Ends Appear and How Do I Prevent Them?

    Posted 10 May 2017

  • 7 Reasons Why You Want Secret Extension + 7 Easy Styles to Create on Your Own

    Posted 09 May 2017

  • Red Carpet Report: MTV Movie Awards

    Posted 08 May 2017

  • Alterna Caviar Protectant Spray Is Here to Amp Your Blow Dry

    Posted 05 May 2017

  • Red Carpet Report: The Best Hair At The Met Gala 2017

    Posted 02 May 2017


    Hi, Dames! The first Monday in May every year is also known as the Met Gala. It is the opening night of the Metropolitan Museum’s Fashion Institute yearly exhibit where art and fashion meet and have a blown out party hosted by the fashion queen herself, Anna Wintour. This year’s theme was Rei Kawakubo x Comme des Garcons.  Everyone looked pretty amazing, but our favorite showstopper was Kate Hudson. She always has a way of being chic and so cool, yet stunningly gorgeous.



    Photo by Gilbert Flores/ Broad Image.       Hair By Cameron Jon /The Wall group


    The cool thing is you can do this hairstyle too! Her hair is not actually dyed white, it’s white color spray! To get the look:

    1. Bring all your hair up to the top of your head and tie a rubber band making a ponytail, but on the last tie leave a loop instead of pulling it all the way through.

    2. Take the hair that is left out and tie it around the loop and pin it into place.

    3. Grab a can of Bewild White Spray and spray it all over your hair. Be careful around your hairline, you can use a towel to cover your face.

    If you have short hair, you can use the same product to achieve Cara Delevingne’s jaw dropping look as well. She’s our second fav look of the night. You can use Body Bauble to add the body jewels. She killed it.



    There’s also a styling pomade that makes your hair silver! I first saw it in Japan when I went to Tokyo and then found it online. It’s fun and you can do yourself!



    Let me know what you think, Dames!


    Amalia Moscoso

    The Hair Dame


  • Feature Review: Hask, The New Sulfate-Free Line Is A Must

    Posted 28 April 2017


    Dames,  there’s a new sulfate-free/paraben-free product line out and I have to admit: I’m hooked!  It’s not usual that I get sprung on a product. There’s millions of  products out there and I happen to be a somewhat modest product obsesser. Of course that might seem like an oxymoron because I’m a hairstylist, but it’s true! The only reason I’m not obsessed with more is simply I don’t fall for marketing gimicks.   I don’t love most products. I think every line has one thing they do well and everything else is blah.  Hask recently sent me a bunch of products and I am totally unobjectionably impressed. My hair is pretty damaged from my platinum stint a couple years ago, my roots tend to be oily and my ends look like a broom. I used the Moisturizing Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner and my hair felt like silk from root to end — it was amazing!

    url I went to NYC and I brought the volumizing line with me. Now, a volumizing shampoo won’t usually make my hair all silky the way a restructurizing or moisturizing shampoo would, so I didn’t have high expectations. BUT I was next-level impressed! Not only was my hair soft and conditioned, but the volume was insane. I have never experienced that kind of volume from a shampoo.

    hask volume shampooThe bottom line is Dames, summer is coming!  Your hair is about to be dried out from the ocean and the pool. Do your hair a favor and get yourself some Hask. They sell it at Ulta.


    Amalia Moscoso

    The Hair Dame

  • Trend Alert: Summer Trend Predictions by The Hair Dame

    Posted 27 April 2017


    Dames, as summer approaches, there are a few things you need in your arsenal of beauty tools and products. Let’s start with my summer predictions! Actually… these are just the same recycled summer trends we’ve had for the last few years, but enter a few new ones.


    Braids of all shapes are always in for the summer

    Braids of all shapes are always in for the summer


    Beach Waves:

    Who doesn't love some good beach waves?

    Who doesn’t love some good beach waves?



    Headbands work with any hairstyle!

    Headbands work with any hairstyle!


    Hair Wraps:

    Hair wraps are making a huge comeback

    Hair wraps are making a huge comeback


    Super Natural Highlights:

    Sun-kissed hair is all the rage

    Sun-kissed hair is all the rage


    Dusty Pastel Toners:

    Dusty rose hair is a go-to when it comes to muted pastels

    Dusty rose hair is a go-to when it comes to muted pastels


    The Summer Dame guide :

    YouTube videos on braids, waving irons and flat irons, headbands (there’s cool ones on Etsy), Hair wraps (buy some clip-in ones, also on Etsy!), get your hair highlited in May/June and stock up on Manic Panic pastels and cheap white conditioner!

    Stock up summer’s right around the corner!



    Amalia Moscoso

    The Hair Dame

  • Braids: Let’s Get Down to Basics

    Posted 25 April 2017

    the hair dame braids

    Dames, summer is approaching which definitely means…yup braid season! Its the cutest way to get your hair up and dress up or down in many ways.  Some of us are experts at braids and some of us could use a little help.  That being said I created a video for you breaking down the finger technique I use to teach you the basics of braiding. Check it out!


    the hair dame braids

    Let me know if you have any questions.  Just take your time and remember, you can do it!

    Tag me @thehairdame to show me your braid



    Amalia Moscoso

    The Hair Dame

  • Red Carpet Report: Best Hair Looks at the Pretty Little Liars Season 8 Premiere!

    Posted 24 April 2017

    Ashley Benson rocked the perfect combination of beach babe hair and Old Hollywood curls

    Ashley Benson rocked the perfect combination of beach babe hair and Old Hollywood curls


    Lucy Hale opted for an on-trend slicked back retro style

    Lucy Hale opted for an on-trend slicked back retro style


    Shay Mitchell went for the long, defined and super straight hair

    Shay Mitchell went for the long, defined and super straight hair


    Sasha's look was the definition of long hair don't care!

    Sasha’s look was the definition of long hair don’t care!


    Troian stuck to her classic trademark look by opting for a short sleek light brown lob

    Troian stuck to her classic trademark look by opting for a short sleek light brown lob

  • Trend Alert: Caramel Hair Is All the Rage!

    Posted 20 April 2017

    Gigi has been spotted cheating on her All-American blonde locks with a toffee-colored mane

    Hi, Dames! Hair color is a funny thing. Platinum hair has really taken the lead in trends for a while now, mostly because pastels are still raging hard and the only way to get a pastel color is to bleach the hair first. Therefore, everyone wants a platinum base.

    If you’re a more natural girl, the runner up with hair color is caramel! It’s already spring and everyone is lightening up for summer. I predict variations of this color will loom over the hot months and caramel tones will reign this year in general. Why? It’s very low maintenance and, let’s face it, who has the time for more? Caramels and toffee hair tones are easy and go well with almost every skin tone. They transition well with blonde and the reality is everyone, even the Kardashian Klan, loves this tone from time to time. You can get with the program! Below are some examples of variations I love:

    Queen B is known for her light caramel hair

    Queen B is known for her light caramel hair


    Gigi has been spotted cheating on her All-American blonde locks with a toffee-colored mane

    Gigi has been spotted cheating on her All-American blonde locks with a toffee-colored mane


    J-Lo welcomed Spring with macchiato-colored hair and a blunt lob

    J-Lo welcomed Spring with macchiato-colored hair and a blunt lob


    Future mom Natalie Portman has been rocking a darker take on caramel hair since March

    Soon-to-be mom Natalie Portman has been rocking a darker take on caramel hair since March


    Supermodel Karlie went for a caramel-to-blonde ombre - perfect for the season!

    Supermodel Karlie went for a caramel-to-blonde ombre – perfect for the season!

    Dames, I want to see your caramel colored hair. Make sure to tag me on IG and I will repost! @thehairdame


    Amalia Moscoso

    The Hair Dame

  • The Dame Answers: What Are Sulfates And Parabens, What Do They Do To Your Hair?

    Posted 19 April 2017


    Hi Dames, so I wanted to address a couple very important terms a lot of brands use. They throw around these terms sulfate free and paraben free but what does that mean? What the heck is a sulfate and why is it free?   Sulfates are cheap/harsh detergents placed in shampoos for several reasons. First- they create a sudsing effect, that makes people think its cleaning their hair. Technically it is.  However its the same ingredients that are in dish soap, detergent, surface cleaners!  Yes it is cleansing but very harsh. Do you want to wash your hair with the same ingredients your washing your dishes with? I think not. It can wear your hair down over time and leave it completely stripped of its natural oils.

    Parabens are a preservative used in cosmetics to prevent molds and harmful growths to the formulas. It gives our products shelf life. Very little amounts of parabens are actually in the formulas but they became on high radar alert when traces of these parabens were found in breast cancer tumors. Mostly because of products used on the skin and deodorants. As far as hair is concerned companies have responded to the demand of products without these potentially harmful ingredients. Therefore there are several options for us Dames out there now.

    When it comes to hair extensions and hair color being high demand for constant use we should always be mindful about what’s in them. Sulfates can strip your hair color and make your extensions fall out. Parabens can cause cancer. So.. sulfate and paraben free are the way to go across the board. Below are a couple of options I love!

    Pureology Haircare is one of the most natural and eco-friendly brands around

    Pureology Haircare is one of the most natural and eco-friendly brands around


    Neuma's tagline is that all of its products are natural and sustainable! Sulfate and paraben-free!

    Neuma’s tagline is that all of its products are natural and sustainable! Sulfate and paraben-free!

    Dames, I hope this was informative. Clean living!


    Amalia Moscoso

    The Hair Dame

  • How To Use Color Accents In Your Hair!

    Posted 18 April 2017


    Hi, Dames! Everyone wants a little piece of this color action but no one’s quite sure of how to pull it off. After all, pink hair isn’t for everyone. I scoured Instagram and came up with a few different options depending on your level of daring. Here are a few of my favs:

    Erika Jayne is rocking pink thread woven into her braids. This is so cool, and can be done easily to pop a little color and enhance your look. 0 commitment and 100 percent instacool.

    Erika Jayne is rocking pink thread woven into her braids. This is so cool, and can be done easily to pop a little color and enhance your look. 0% commitment and 100% Instacool.

    YOu dont want to die your whole head, but your dying to play with some temporary color? Just play with different pastel tones splashed over your highlites. They rinse out in a few washes and you can go back to your highlites without any fuss.

    You don’t want to die your whole head, but you’re dying to play with some temporary color? Just play with different pastel tones splashed over your highlights. They rinse out in a few washes and you can go back to your highlights without any fuss.

    Boho Chic vibes anyone? I'll take it! Hair wraps are totally a thing now and you can get as bright and patterned as you like. They sell these on clips on Etsy, so you dont have to look like you're on a permanent vacay, but you can pop them in when you want to sport this bohemian look.

    Boho Chic vibes, anyone? I’ll take it! Hair wraps are totally a thing now and you can get as bright and patterned as you like. They sell these on clips on Etsy — you don’t have to look like you’re on a permanent vacay, but you can pop them in when you want to sport this bohemian look.

    Then you have the E** it look. Just bust oiut the manic panic and conditioner, mix it to the color you like and put it all over your head. This is a classic favorite approach to many of my platinum blondes. Its so versatile, you can change colors every week if you want!

    Then you have the F** it look. Just bust out the Manic Panic and conditioner, mix it to the color you like and put it all over your head. This is a classic favorite approach to many of my platinum blondes. It’s so versatile — you can change colors every week if you want!

    Hope you liked some of these ideas and don’t be scared to let your color out! Let me know how it works for you tag me @thehairdame



    Amalia Moscoso

    The Hair Dame

  • Coachella: Who’s There and What’s The Best Hair?!

    Posted 17 April 2017

    Model Joan Smalls rocks a pastel ombre

    Spotlight on colorful hair! This year almost no flower crowns (finally!) except for a couple of super cool ones… and gotta love Kylie and her wigs! My best hair picks:

    Kylie Jenner's fluorescent wig

    Kylie Jenner’s fluorescent wig


    Kehlani's mermaid hair

    Kehlani’s mermaid hair


    Amanda Steele opted for simple uneven layers

    Amanda Steele opted for simple uneven layers


    Model Joan Smalls rocks a pastel ombre

    Model Joan Smalls rocks a pastel ombre


    VS Angel Josephine aSkriver opted for a cool girl half-up bun

    VS Angel Josephine Skriver opted for a cool girl half-up bun


    Chanel Iman's colorful braids

    Chanel Iman’s colorful braids


    Actress and Vlogger Gigi Gorgeous shaking it up with a metallic flower crown

    Actress and Vlogger Gigi Gorgeous shaking it up with a metallic flower crown

    Coachella this year is all about the color – perfect compliment to Spring. I have to say, I love it!



    Amalia Moscoso

    The Hair Dame

  • Feature Friday: Leila Spilman, Model With A Passion

    Posted 14 April 2017

  • Hair 101: How to Properly Use a Round Brush

    Posted 12 April 2017


    Dames, do you have trouble using a round brush? Does it become awkward with your arm and navigating the blow dryer? Well, this is a a fun video I made a while back, showing you the perfect technique for blow drying. Take it slow. Go section by section and take your time. Separating the sections makes the process easier and faster because you’re not trying to get hairs out of the way.



    Let me know how it goes, you can always ask any questions and tag us on Facebook and Instagram and show us your new blowouts!


  • Festival Season’s Here! How To Create The Best On-The-Go Heatless Curls

    Posted 11 April 2017

    coachella hair

    Hi, Dames! Getting revved up for Coachella? If you are planning to camp, here’s some fun hair tips for heatless waves. Got you covered here!

    1) Start the weekend with braids. They will get you through the first night, maybe two depending on how much fun you have. When you take them out… bam! Waves for days.

    Pigtail braids -- perfect for the gym AND for getting awesome curls

    Pigtail braids — perfect for the gym AND for getting awesome curls

    2) You get to Coachella the first day with perfect waves styled and your best looks: you go to Magic carnival and party till 7 am and your hair is disgusting… sound familiar? Well, wash it! While it’s wet, put it in a French braid like below, take a nap. When you wake up and your hair is dry, take out the braid. Bam! Waves for days.

    Classic large back braid

    Classic large back braid

    3) Have you had a crazy weekend must wash your hair but have no time to wait for braids?  Let me introduce you to your new best friend. I always say the perfect cocktail for natural waves is styling cream with a little gel.  It seems Redken stole my concept and made it into the perfect product. I’m so happy because now we can use just one product to achieve the dream hairstyle of perfect natural waves.

    Here’s how you do it: wash and condition your hair, towel dry, put in this awesome product work into hair –No Blow Dry– scrunch with a towel and move on with your life. Your hair will air dry perfectly.

    Redken's latest line: NBD

    Redken’s latest line: NBD

  • Wigs Are Back! Here’s How You Can Be Down With The Trend At An Inexpensive Price

    Posted 07 April 2017

    copper collage

    Dames!  Ever wonder how the Jenner-Kardashians change from one dramatic color/style to the next in one day? They also go from layers to none and from short to long. I got the secret for you: WIGS! Wigs are in! in! in! They’re all over the red carpet and you wouldn’t ever know it.  Some of J-Lo’s most glamorous ponytails and longest red carpet locks were — you guessed it — WIGS!


    Kim’s blonde wig!



    Kylie's legendary mermaid hair

    Kylie’s legendary mermaid hair

    Wigs are a fun way to get a new look. These days you have such a wide range of prices to achieve these looks. Some cost as low as $40 and others cost up of $30k. Obviously the 30k wigs are for the Beyoncé’s of the world, but hey, they exist! Check out the image below, where model Leila Spilman’s rocking a wig from Lux Hair.

    auburn collage

    blonde collage

    copper collage

    Hard to believe this is the same Dame in all these looks? It’s not just the wig, it’s how you style the wigs that makes a difference too. Accessorize it! Change your makeup! It’s so fun!

    Check out Lux Hair. They have really great wigs for an affordable price and I can give you all kinds of tips on how to style them and have fun with it.

    Make sure to tag us on IG!


    Amalia Moscoso

    The Hair Dame

  • How To Properly Clean Your Hair Brushes

    Posted 05 April 2017


    Hi, Dames! How many of you wash your brushes? Anyone? … anyone? Ladies, we need to wash our brushes! Dirt, products, build up, old hair… it all becomes scum on the “root” of the brush and it’s not sanitary. Let me help you out with a few tips.


    1) Every time you brush your hair, pull out the loose hairs out of the brush right away — it’s a nice clean habit to get into.

    2) Once a week, mix a little tea tree oil in a water spray bottle and spray your brushes (after you cleaned out the hair). This naturally kills bacteria, and keeps your brushes smelling fresh.



    3) Once a month, soak your brushes in warm water with a few drops of tea tree oil. Then, take a manicure brush and scrub ’em out. Make sure you get past the bristles and scrub the base of the brush.


    Follow these three tips, Dames, and you will be sure to have fresh clean brushes.  Keep it clean, ladies, keep it clean!


  • Add Spring Pastels To Your Hair!

    Posted 04 April 2017


    Dames, Spring is here! I personally think it’s so much fun to play with the color of our hair to reflect and match the current season. Spring is way more than sun and sunflowers – it’s festivals, pastels in hair and floral patterns on your dress. Giving your hair a hint of pastel is so on trend right now, here’s a couple ways you can do it.

    1) Go to your stylist and show her a pic of the hottest influencers on IG and tell her you want that hair. This could be pricey, but obviously it will look amaze.





    2) If you are already blonde you can get a Manic Panic pastel color (the famous Creamtones) and mix it with conditioner if you want your color to be extra light. After washing your hair,  apply the colored conditioner to your hair when it’s damp. Leave it on for 20 minutes and rinse. If you just want a small streak in your hair, separate out the piece you want and apply the color.

    Spring pastels!

    Spring pastels!

    Manic Panic Creamtones

    Manic Panic Creamtones

    3) If you have dark hair or  just want some temporary color, extensions are your best bet.  You can always check out Etsy, for some cool color combos. Supporting our local artists is always an awesome way to go. Or, you could purchase some blonde clip-ins and color them following directions above.

    Pink Ombre Extensions

    Pink Ombre Extensions

    Hope this inspires you for some cool pastel tones this season, Dames! Let me know if you have any questions.


    Amalia Moscoso, The Hair Dame


  • 3 Easy Hairstyles that Can Be Worn Anywhere

    Posted 28 March 2017

    The Hair Dame

    Hairstyles are always hard to come up with in the moment needed, Dames. I also tend to search for something cute every time I’m trying to get ready for the day. However, having a few in your arsenal is great so you don’t have to get ready — you stay ready!  It’s why I can literally be done getting ready to go out (shower, makeup and all) in 15 minutes. Why? Let’s be honest, our hair takes the longest. I’ve mastered the shortcut and sharing with you. Here’s a few of my go-to’s and how to do them yourselves!


    Middle part French braids with a high bun. I love this hairstyle for dirty hair days. It’s great with a Canadian suit (all denim) or a cocktail dress.


    Step 1: Part your hair in the middle and french braid both sides of the part stopping just behind your hear and tie it off with a small rubber band.

    Step 2: Using a bristle brush, brush your hair up to a high ponytail meeting the two braids. Using a bristle brush will ensure a smooth upstyle and this is what makes this style look great for dressed up occasions.

    Step 3: Back comb the ponytail a bit and wrap it around the rubber band to create a bun.

    Step 4: You can create a little texture in the braid by pulling it apart a bit to loosen it. Comb out some hair around your hairline for softness.


    Side braid with extra volume ponytail made with hair extensions.


    Step 1: Separate the top section of your hair and pin it aside. French-braid the side of your hair reaching back past your ear and gather the rest of your hair to meet in a ponytail.

    Step 2: Separate an inch of hair out of the top section and back-comb it. This will be used as a base. Take your Secret Extensions by The Hair Dame and fold the piece into thirds. Bobby pin this hair piece into the base you created.

    Step 3: Drop the rest of the top over the pinned hair piece and connect it with the ponytail with a small black rubber band. Wrap a pice of your hair around the ponytail. The extensions have given your ponytail a new life!


    Half up volume hair style with Secret Extensions

    This hairstyle is kind of a no-brainer and super simple. I put in my hair extensions, tease the underneath section of my crown. Then, I clip in my Secret Volume hair piece and tease those. I drop the hair and gather it in middle back. At weddings, I tend to be the last to get ready because I’m always doing the hair and makeup, and this always works for me.

    Well, Dames, I hope you like my three go-to’s. Let me know how you do with them and if you have any questions leave them below or ask on IG @thehairdame.


    Amalia Moscoso

    The Hair Dame

  • Hair Through the Decades: Celebrating Women’s History Month

    Posted 26 March 2017


    Dames! It’s Women’s History Month, Women’s Empowerment Month… Women Rule Month! So, let’s give a fun homage to all the hairstyles women have rocked through the decades. Interesting, as we look at past fashion week hairstyles there’s a little part of each era that session stylists like Guido Palau use. I love looking at these kinds of pictures — I thought I would share it with you to give you a little hair inspiration.













    Hope you enjoyed the hair tour throughout times!  Which one was your favorite?Comment below.

    Amalia Moscoso
    The Hair Dame

  • Friday Feature: Lilly Olmedo, The Red Carpet Wig Colorist

    Posted 24 March 2017

    lilly olmedo, celebrity hairstylist

    I am obsessed with hair, Dames!  Obviously you all know that. With hair obsessions comes obsessions with other’s work. When I’m in L.A., I work with some seriously talented artists. One of them is the secret behind many celebs’ wigs, and I don’t mean that jokingly, I mean that literally. So many stars rock wigs, you would have no idea! My girl Lilly is responsible for coloring a lot of them. So, I thought I would introduce her to this lovely audience and let you into the world of Lilly Olmedo.

    THD: When did you know you wanted to be a hairstylist?

    Lilly: I knew I wanted to be a hairdresser at a young age. At our family functions and parties I would walk around with a small suitcase full of hair combs, brushes, hairpins, rollers or any other item I could use in hairstyling. Then I would ask my parents’ guest if I could do their hair as they sipped on their cocktail and engaged in conversation. My mother tells the story of how they would all fall asleep as I played with their hair and would always wake up with some extravagant, wild hairdo.

    THD: How long have you been doing hair?

    Lilly: I’ve being doing hair professionally for almost 20 years

    THD: Do you consider yourself to specialize in service?

    Lilly: I don’t believe in specializing in one part of the industry. I personally enjoy doing it all, always putting the integrity of the hair first. I always make sure to engage and consult with the client before any service. I’ve always been a visual learner and see my job and hobby as an art form. I don’t like to proceed in coloring without knowing what the haircut would look like first. The haircut and styling is very important in color placement. I feel it’s important to know the way the hair lays, moves and is worn on a daily basis before applying your color. You need to make sure and also pay attention to the clients face, body, style, and lifestyle — how to bring out the person’s best features and how to help balance one’s beauty by placing either your layers, fringe, or highlights in the right position. This can only come from providing both services to your client.

    THD: What is your approach to hair color?

    Lilly: If I see someone walking in the streets, I find myself paying attention to the movement in body, hair, expressions and their surroundings. I instantly find a way that would make them shine even more by simply adding a new tone, color, treatment, cut or something as simply changing the part in their hair. I’m inspired by many things. I see color ideas in nature everyday. I often have dreams of coloring; I stay updated through fashion, art and music I try and always stay creative dabbling in many art forms. Inspiration comes from everywhere. I love to travel and always come home feeling even more inspired. With winters inspiring cool tones and the warm tints touching of a summers day or with a natures visit to the mountains its natural earth tones taking an active inspirations to my craft.

    THD: Who has the been the biggest inspiration in your career?

    Lilly: I’ve been very fortunate to work with many top hairstylist and have always been inspired by all of them. I now work at Goodform Salon with some of the most talented stylists, who, on a daily basis, inspire me. From stylists who have been doing hair for many, many years to up and new comers who are just getting started. It is important to always be open to learn new techniques from other stylists who are just as inspired and excited for our profession.

    THD: Who was the first celebrity you worked for and what did that feel like?

    Lilly: I was working with Robert Ramos over at Estilo Salon when I met and worked on my first celebrity, Bette Midler. It was such an ah-ha! moment for me for I have always been a huge fan of hers. She is an amazing woman in every way — I absolutely adore her! I’ve had the privilege of working for many celebrities since then like The Kardashians, J-Lo, Katy Perry and many more.

    kim kardashian platinum wig

    YES< Lilly colored this wig!

    THD: How did you start coloring wigs? Is it a different process than a client in your chair?

    Lilly: The wigs are something I do on the side. I am a full time hairdresser at Goodform Salon. The process to coloring wigs is very different than working on a client. The hair is much more delicate and very touchy when it comes to applying color on it. It can very easily turn on you if you’re not careful. What can be done with one color application on a client might take up to two or more on a wig. It’s definitely more time consuming and a delicate process. I am a perfectionist and won’t send it off unless it’s perfect.

    celebrity wigs

    THD: Can you let any secrets slip and let our audience know some of the clients you have colored wigs for?

    Lilly: I’ve colored wigs and extensions for many celebrities. Unfortunately, I’m not at liberty to say for whom.

    pink wigs

    THD: Can you share the craziest story of something that happened that could have been awful but ended amazing?

    Lilly: I had to color a couple of wigs one late night for a celebrity, which we won’t mention today, when one of them completely turned on me, leaving me with peachy orangey highlights. Needless to say I totally panicked I felt defeated and scared for I had already been working on it for hours and was in its final steps. Not wanting to mess with it anymore until I was sure of what my next step would be, I went home and that night I fell into a deep sleep from exhaustion. I dreamt of myself trying different techniques and solutions to help solve my problem. It was definitely a nightmare at first but, eventually, I found myself formulating the perfect color solutions for the wig catastrophe. I guess that’s were the saying comes from “Follow your dreams, they know the way”.  The wig turned out beautiful and everyone was completely happy with the outcome.

    celebrity wigs

    THD: Any advice you can share to an up-and-comer that is inspired by your story?

    Lilly: My advice to any up-and-comer in this industry would be: work hard and make sure you have the passion for the art of hairdressing. If you don’t, then you’re simply just cutting hair. After all hairdressing is not a job, it’s a craft!

    Thank you so much, Lilly, for this inspiring interview. I love hearing the inside of another hairdresser’s mind. For all of you interested in following, sharing, visiting, or making an appointment with Lilly, you can find her at Goodform Salon, Los Angeles. 323-658-8585. IG: @lillys_cut, @goodformsalon


    Amalia Moscoso

    The Hair Dame


  • Best Go-To Hairstyles For Dames With Long Term Extensions

    Posted 23 March 2017

    Dames love their hair extensions. The most joyous conversation of my life!  I love them, what can I say? I love how they make a woman instantly feel like she has magical unicorn powers the minute new hair is put in. Well, at least like she feels confident to walk into a meeting, date or have a drink with friends and be the showstopper. The thing is, when you have professional hair extensions put in you can’t wear every single hair style, you have to be slightly modest with how much you pull up your hair because you don’t want your hair extensions to show.  (That’s too Britney and Paris circa 2002, and I won’t let you go down like that.) So, here’s a few hairstyle ideas to keep you looking like nobody knows your secret! The key is to keep your hair low, nothing high. If you do want to go high just make sure you tease your hairline all the way around. The tease will create a barrier between the outside and your extensions, then just smooth it over with your Mason Pearson brush.








    Happy hairstyles Dames!


    Amalia Moscoso

    The Hair Dame

  • Spring is Here! How to Use Flowers In Your Hair

    Posted 21 March 2017

    katie welch at coachella

    Spring is here, Dames! What does this mean for all “in the scene” music junkies?  Officially festival season! It’s all about the fashions at festivals which are a cross between IDGAF vibes and “I’m the most effortlessly chic Dame here”. I scoured the internet and found some really cool flower crown stores on Etsy.  There are literally over 200 stores and all different kinds of flowers. Singer/ songwriter, Katie Welch was kind enough to share some of her fun festival vibes from last year’s Coachella. Check her out below. These all had different versions of the crowns. Don’t be left out and find the crown that best suits you.  If you don’t have long hair and want that dramatic fishtail braid, make sure to get your Secret Extensions by The Hair Dame, they’re absolutely perfect for festival braids. Anastasia Klaffert also dropped by the page to share her flower crown below. Hers are real flower! Tip: be careful with the real ones, in high heat they can wilt and quickly become unpleasant looking. Best to keep the real thing for weddings or an indoor party: Etsy is great to find a good one for the festivals. How fun are these looks!?

    coachella flower crowns

    coachelle flower crowns

    antasasia klaffert

    Happy Festivaling!


    Amalia Moscoso,

    The Hair Dame

  • Trend Alert: Best Hairstyles from Fashion Week Around the World

    Posted 19 March 2017

    fashion week

    Dames! There were some epic hairstyles all over the world last month.  I really loved watching every look.  What does this mean?  Let’s go through each image and talk about how this affects us on trends coming…


    NY Marchesa Antonio Corral Calero

    NYC, Marchesa – Hair: Antonio Corral Calero

    Hair jewelry is definitely creeping in on us. My prediction is that it’s about to blow up next year — everyone will be rocking hair jewelry. Get in on the alert to be the first ones doing it, not just for a wedding or a festival, but out for drinks or a date. Jen Atkin created a pretty dope hair jewelry line with Chloe and Isabel last year. Low hair buns are taking a twist as well.  Get creative: wrap, tie, and knot. This is so exciting!

    NYC, Christian Siriano - Hair: Anthony Cole

    NYC, Christian Siriano – Hair: Anthony Cole

    Add wraps, ties, and string around your braids to get a bobble; it’s accessorizing your braid. I got some pretty cool flower pins at Ulta the other day and I put them in may hair, it was so fun to spruce up a braid!


    London, Versus Versace - Hair: Paul Hanlon

    London, Versus Versace – Hair: Paul Hanlon

    This is so cool! By far my favorite hair. Why? because it’s so Fifth Element. How does this translate into everyday hair? Hipsters will be washing theirs less and fashion girls will be investing more in coconut oil to give texture to their updo wet look. In the end, everyone that wishes they were cool will be seeing all this and saying: “I could never pull that off”. Yes, you can! The wet look is not going anywhere, it’s just evolving with texture.

    London, Christopher Kane - Hair: Guido Palau

    London, Christopher Kane – Hair: Guido Palau

    Messy wet texture, mixed with polished hair. Mixed media in the hair. This is slick polished hair with a messy braid!

    Paris, Chanel - Hair: Sam McKnight

    Paris, Chanel – Hair: Sam McKnight

    Lots of volume and glamorous headbands. You can get this level of volume with Secret Volume by The Hair Dame.

    Paris, Balmain - Hair: Sam McKnight

    Paris, Balmain – Hair: Sam McKnight

    Sam McKnight basically showed us how to make cornrows look high fashion. Polished. Straight. Epic.

    Milan, Moschino - Hair: Paul Hanlon

    Milan, Moschino – Hair: Paul Hanlon

    SHORT BANGS OH ME, OH MY! Clip-on bangs are an amazing way to get this look without crying and wearing headbands for the next 6 months.

    Milan, Bottega Veneta - Hair: Guido Palau

    Milan, Bottega Veneta – Hair: Guido Palau

    Hair hats — love it. Take your dirty hair day and do something more than a ponytail or a bun. Use precision parts and create disconnected styles, like a textured top knot to the side and a ponytail in the back. So cute! You could rock this hairstyle in sweatpants and look fly.

    Dames, I hope you liked this recap. Try these hairstyles and tag me on IG. I”ll repost you!


    Amalia Moscoso

    The Hair Dame

  • Friday Feature: Celebrity Hairstylist Josif Wittnik – Founder of the Redken Colleges

    Posted 17 March 2017


    It’s Feature Friday, Dames! We really dived in this week. We picked out a hairstylist from Wisconsin doing some cool things and we wanted to share him with you! Check out our interview below.

    THD: When was that first moment you decided you wanted to do hair?

    Josif: I never really wanted to do hair at all really, it was my sister that did hair and coached me to believe I had it in me! The artist side of me was very involved in drawing and painting and I had won several contest with my art so she said to me: “You should really try hair as your canvas.” I did. First three years were interesting but then I was recognized by a local salon owner that saw my talent and off to the next level I went [artistic director for salon team].

    THD: Who were your first mentors and who did you aspire to be like in your career?

    Josif: Xennon of London, I wanted to be him really bad, he was so gifted and so funny and his talent was always in the lead. He was a leader, creator, stylist, long hair genius. I followed him to shows and read everything about him I could.  Dream came true when I was sent off to Chicago where he worked and taught for a one week to work and learned under him.  It truly was surreal and a dream come true, that week changed me! From that point on I viewed my career way more exciting and had direction on where I was going to take it.

    THD: How long have you been doing hair now?

    Josef: Thirty-two years.

    THD: What is your philosophy or your approach to hair? 

    Josif: It’s very import that you learn the building blocks to create a look, very similar to an architect.  You really have to know how to design a shape on paper so you can see the finished result. Nowadays it’s very organic and unforced as opposed to the 80’s when styles were forced — by that I mean heavy bleaching, perming and curling.

    THD: Where do you get your inspiration from?

    Josif: I was one of thirty that were chosen through a series of auditions that traveled around the USA back in the 90’s. Similar to American Idol;  I would call it Hairmerican Idol. After many auditions, only thirty stylists were picked to be the first design team of its kind in the country for REDKEN.  It was two weeks of intense training to go out and show the country a whole new approach on how they could up their game and become true designers of haircutting.

    THD: When did you start working with Redken?

    Josif: Right from the start of my career I became a expert at their product knowledge. Three years later I became a Redken national platform artist.

    THD: Is there an element of beauty that you are very passionate about? How does it relate to your personal approach in your career?

    Josif: I’m very passionate about changing peoples lives: seeing someone sick or depressed and knowing that putting your hands on their shoulders, giving them an amazingly honest consultation, reassuring them through it all that they’re really going to love it and feel better, and seeing their face and hearing their words when they see themselves for the first time is kick-ass cool. All done by the gift of having been given hands.  We are the one of the last professions in the world that touches without gloves.

    THD: What are your future goals?

    Josif:  Well, so far I founded and have run Salon CTI and Day Spa for the last 17 years, The Salon Professional Academy for 11 years, the Joyriding Project nonprofit for 10 years, and Trimhunger nonprofit for 3 years.

    THD:  Future goals?

    Josif: … To keep on giving.


    THD: What is your advice to an up-and-comer?

    Josif: Be honest to your guest, treat them as if you were a doctor and they were coming to you in need, and always remember their hair is your patient and, if it’s sick, prescribe antibiotics. They come to you for that. And no chewing gum, never discuss politics, religion, or relationships, keep it real.

    THD: What about yourself would you like our readers to know about you?

    I have been married 34 years, and would not be here if it wasn’t for her [Josif’s wife].  She shares the industry with me and is a philanthropist as well. Two beautiful daughters who are so talented, and love everyone in my life, they’re all there for a reason.

    THD: What is the one piece of hair advice you universally give to every client?

    Josif: Don’t use age as an excuse, you can wear whatever flatters you facial features and body shape and lifestyle! Go by that. Best advice?  The phrase “Am I too old to wear that?” should not exist in your vocabulary.

    THD: Thank you so much, Josif! This was an insightful, awesome interview!


    Dames, check out Josif’s salon and non-profits:

    Webpage salon

    Webpage academy


    Follow his socials:

    IG: @hairmister  facebook @josifwittnik  @trimhunger @joyrising




    Amalia Moscoso

    The Hair Dame

  • The Hair Dame Shows You How to Care for Platium Hair

    Posted 16 March 2017

    17274786_11the hair dame 2417422552694_458870265_n

    Hi, Dames! Did you recently go platinum and are now trying to figure out how to keep your hair in good condition?  I understand! I did it two years ago and I can tell you: it’s high maintenance and it’s very important that you take care of that hair.  It was my favorite color change but it was also very easy to let the integrity of my hair fall to the wayside by doing little things to abuse it, such as rubber bands in your hair when wet (a big no-no) — you might as well put all your rubber bands in a drawer hidden for now.  Think scrunchies (you’re lucky they are back in style), banana clips, hair ties, chompers, braids, and mini spring clips! Braids? Yes, a loose braid when your hair is wet is a great way to dry it into a wavy shape and let your hair dry with ease. Trust me on this – one day you will want a different hair color and making sure your hair is in great condition is the only way your hair will take other colors with ease and will continue looking healthy and shiny. Below are my favorite products I used to keep my hair in great condition.

    Olaplex: This one is so important. Bleach breaks the bonds in your cortex layer, which is your hair’s back bone. Olaplex builds those bonds back up! It’s a protein treatment.


    Schwarzkopf BlondMe Shine Spray: A lot of times, bleach can take the life out of your hair leaaving it dull and drab. This spray really kept my hair shiny and breathed life into even a blowout.


    Pureology Cuticle Filler: Your cuticle is the top layer in your hair; bleach burns right through that layer. This products fills it so your hair has life and bounce again! It locks in your toner and keeps your hair the color you want it.


    Joico Color Balance Purple Shampoo: This is by far my favorite purple shampoo. It doesn’t dry out your hair; it only makes it the perfect beige color. It tones out the yellow and keeps your hair in a healthy condition!



    Oribe Signature Moisture Masque: We have covered protein, cuticles, shine, tone, and now this is moisture. This is the water to your thirst. This is the best moisture mask you could find — it’s expensive, but worth every penny.  This makes your hair feel like butter! It’s my favorite.


    Well, Dames, you follow my lead and I promise your platinum hair will feel healthy, look shiny, and will stay intact without too much breakage!  Let me know if you have any questions.


    Amalia Moscoso

    The Hair Dame

  • Get Bigger Buns! How To Volumize Your Bun

    Posted 14 March 2017


    I have to share another secret with my Dames!  Ever wonder how or why celebs on the red carpet have such big glamorous buns? Well, they have a secret weapon. Their hairstylist uses hair pieces to make them bigger and more voluminous.  (Of course!)

    Now, you can too! I love this product called Secret Volume by The Hair Dame. It’s very versatile and allows you to do many things we women struggle with, like covering up thinning spots, hiding grown out roots and making updos more dramatic.  It can also make your bun a little bigger than normal. See how and try it yourself by following the steps below!



    1. Bring your hair to the ponytail of choice, side or top.
    2. There are 3 clips on the secret volume piece, wrap the piece around the ponytail clipping it into place.
    3. Tease the Secret Volume piece all the way around and wrap your ponytail around the teased hair. Pin hair into place with bobby pins where needed.

    Let me know how it goes! Tag me in any of your pics and I will repost you.


    Amalia Moscoso
    The hair Dame

  • Red Carpet Report + DIY: Recreate the Best Kids’ Choice Awards Hairstyles

    Posted 13 March 2017


    Dames!  Ponytails were all the rage at the Nickelodeon Teen Choice Awards this year. I absolutely love this look myself.  If you haven’t seen our ponytail video when we teamed up with Erika from Blondes Who Eat, here it is below-

    You will need your Secret Extensions by The Hair Dame and follow along with us in the video. Here’s a couple of my favorite pony looks from the awards. You can be as polished as Gwen or as textured and messy as Brec Bassinger. As always have fun with it!

    gwen stefani

    brec bassinger

  • Glimpse Into NYFW: Hair Trends Coming Our Way

    Posted 12 March 2017


    NYFW week was last month and it left us all feeling exhausted in NYC. I had to take the last couple of weeks to really dive into to each show and take it all in. I want to tell you about some trends that are sticking around for a while! There are three of them: natural texture, middle parts, and the wet look!  Works out for me, because these are my three go to’s!

    Getty Images

    Getty Images

    Getty Images

    Getty Images

    Getty Images

    Getty Images

    Getty Images

    Getty Images

    This last look is my go to when I have 1-day or 2-day old hair and want to look chic. Check out my video on how to create a wet look here:

    The looks that come out on this runway every year don’t just affect the clothing we all purchase the next year but influence the looks of hair trends and hairstyles you will see everyone rockin’, which makes me excited because these are looks everyone can pull off!  My favorite looks are here to stay. Make sure to tune in next Sunday for my recap on what happened at all Fashion Weeks worldwide.


    Amalia Moscoso

    The Hair Dame

  • Maximize Your Hair Color: Best Products for Blondes and Brunettes

    Posted 09 March 2017


    Hi, Dames! Who colors their hair on a regular basis? Well, if you raised your hand, you need to be using the right products to protect the integrity of your hair! Keep your color lasting longer, and maintain an overall shiny appearance by following these recommendations for blondes and brunettes.

    Blondes- The main thing that happens to blondes is they lose their shine, their hair becomes dry and drab. If its fine, it falls flat and it can tend to turn brassy with the combination of oxidation and hard water. Here are my favorite picks for shampoos or conditioners for any of the above reasons. You can mix and match based on your needs.

    I love this Schwatzkopf repair conditioner for damaged hair. It really helps rebuild the bond and repair your hair.

    I love this Schwartzkopf repair conditioner for damaged hair. It really helps rebuild the bond and repair your hair.

    I love this line from Redken for shine. It particularly makes blondes glow

    I love this line from Redken for shine. It particularly makes blondes glow. It will turn your drab to fab ASAP


    This Joico Purple Shampoo is my absolute favorite for blondes. It will eliminate your brassy immediately. THE BEST!! It will kepp your platinum WHITE

    This Joico Purple Shampoo is my absolute favorite for blondes. It will eliminate your brassy immediately. THE BEST!! It will kepp your platinum WHITE

    Styling products for blondes can be tricky. You can’t have anything too heavy, yet you want to tame your hair, give it volume, and still not have it look clean by the end of day. Here’s some of my favorite styling products for blondes..

    Dry shampoo should be in your purse, and this one is the best. It won best dry shampoo of the year in Allure. R&Co.

    Dry shampoo should be in your purse, and this one is the best. It won best dry shampoo of the year in Allure. R&Co.


    This Leave in conditioner is weightless,

    This Leave in conditioner is weightless, Free of cancer causing chemicals, and adds lots of shine.

    Kevin Murphy has awesome styling products, and this volumizer is amazing. Won't weigh your hair down, only build it up

    Kevin Murphy has awesome styling products, and this volumizer is amazing. Won’t weigh your hair down, only build it up.

    Brunettes have an equally hard time staying shiny, especially if you have blonde underneath that brown, or if you go back and forth. Using the right shampoos and conditioners can make a huge difference in the way your hair looks when its dry. Since I went platinum 2 years ago, then back to brown, and now again have highlights and lighter ends, I can tell you my favorite shampoos and conditioners.

    The creme de la creme of conditioners. Butter baby, all butter. Worth every penny.

    The creme de la creme of conditioners. Butter baby, all butter. Worth every penny.

    This John Freida  brilliant brunette is awesome, especially if you have gone back and forth with your color. It adds shine to highlights, and it won't break the bank.

    This John Freida brilliant brunette is awesome, especially if you have gone back and forth with your color. It adds shine to highlights, and it won’t break the bank.

    This is my favorite every day shampoo and conditioner for dry hair. It leaves the hair feeling soft and clean.

    This is my favorite every day shampoo and conditioner for dry hair. It leaves the hair feeling soft and clean.

    Styling products for brunettes are slightly different. You need your natural texture to come out without a frizzy vibe. You like a little wave without crunchy ends or dried out hair from salt. Here’s some of my faves for you.

    This wave spray leaves your hair shiny, but not crunchy. It can hold wave, but it's still soft. Won best of the year in Allure.  Get it

    This wave spray leaves your hair shiny, but not crunchy. It can hold wave, but it’s still soft. Won best of the year in Allure. Get it.

    If you have frizzy hair or you want to add softness and definition to a blowout or natural dried hair this is my favorite styling cream.

    If you have frizzy hair or you want to add softness and definition to a blowout or natural dried hair this is my favorite styling cream.

    Do you want the perfect magazine hair? This is your best friend. Will make your hair piecey and texturized like a magazine. Its expensive, but always worth a night out with the girls

    Do you want the perfect magazine hair? This is your best friend. Will make your hair piecey and texturized like a magazine. It’s expensive, but always worth a night out with the girls.


    Redheads, you can follow my brunette suggestions. But Add the Joico red to your must-have list.

    Well, Dames, I hope you love my favorite picks. Let me know how it works for you!



    Amalia Moscoso

    The Hair Dame

  • DIY: The Hair Dame Recreates Her Favorite Hairstyle From Fashion Week

    Posted 07 March 2017

    The Hair Dame

    Hi, Dames! New York Fashion Week last month was a whirlwind. The Shows were so fun. Everyone took a bit of street look with touches from the 80’s and 90’s as inspiration. Most of the hairstyles consisted of natural texture and a middle part. My favorite hairstyle came with a little bit of a twist. Hairstylist Odile Gilbert created a half-up hairstyle weaving hair together to create a twist in the hair, literally.


    I loved this look so much I wanted to show you how to recreate this look yourself. It doesn’t have to be exact, you can add your own rendition! This is how I did it. Check out below.

    best hair from fashion week

    To get the look:

    1. Put on your Secret Extensions by The Hair Dame.

    2. Curl your hair with a 1″ barrel. Keep the heat under 320 degrees, let the curl cool in your hand before letting go.

    3. Create a deep side part and twist the hair around your head, and the other side to meet on the opposite of your part.

    4. Tie off with a rubber band leaving a little loop out. Wrap hair around the rubber band and pin into place.

    5. Spray a tittle wax or texture spray in hair to create piecey look.

    the hair dame

    Hope you all love this style as much as me!


    Amalia Moscoso

    The Hair Dame

  • Red Carpet Report: iHeart Radio Awards

    Posted 06 March 2017


    Hi, Dames! Wowza on the Red Carpet at the iHeart Radio Awards. The Dames went out with major changes! I was so obsessed and pleasantly surprised. Katy Perry took a page from Miley’s book and took a buzzer to the side of her head. Not mad at it. Bebe Rexha went full platinum
    (to wig or not to wig) and Demi Lovato went from glam lengths to chic straight natural lengths.

    I think if they are telling us anything its how versatility and constant change is on the horizon. I have 2 words for you- WIGS and extensions. I recently started working with LUXHAIR and i’m seriously obsessed with these wigs. They are inexpensive and the hair, even though synthetic, is not shiny and “wiggy” looking. You can even use irons on the hair. I’ve been talking about Secret Extensions for a minute now. They are so easy to put on like a headband. So, if you want to be like Katie, (we know she won’t be in the short crop for long), Demi and Bebe, start your wig and hair extension collection. Make sure to get a HairClutch to manage and store all your hair piece accessories. Until then, we can all swoon over these gorgeous Dames changing hair!


    katie perry i heart radio awards

    (Photo by David Crotty/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images)

    (Photo by David Crotty/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images)

    Bebe rexha

    I want to see you in different hair extensions and wigs. Make sure to tag me on IG. I will repost you!


    Amalia Moscoso
    The Hair DAME

  • Blorange Color Trend: Yay or Nay?

    Posted 05 March 2017

    bloranage hair trend

    Hi, Dames! Is everyone noticing this rosé colored hair trend that is all over IG? Yeah, me too. It’s called Blorange! I’m not mad at it… I mean, it was hot like 2 years ago but back then it was just called rose gold.  Leave it to the millennials to give it a cool name! It’s fun to mix up your blonde from time to time. It’s easy to do it yourself at home. Don’t be afraid, it washes out easily, especially if you use Manic panic. Manic panic does not have metallic salts in it, therefore it naturally fades a little bit after every wash. This is great if you like to mix it up. The color of the blorange will take differently on all parts of your hair where you have different colors. The trick is using the tone that you like to mix and you will love the variation that you have no matter how it picks up.

    blorange hair clor


    Pick two Manic Panic creamtone colors you like: one on the rosey side, one on the golden side. Take a little bit of each and mix together. In a separate bowl, put a heaping amount of white conditioner. It can be any conditioner, so use an inexpensive one that allows you to be liberal with the amount you coat on your hair. Take your mix of color and slowly add it to the conditioner.

    *NOTE* The color you see in the bowl is going to be the color that your hair turns. That’s why you need to add it slowly. If you want it more on the pastel side just add a tiny bit, if you want it more vibrant, add accordingly. Have fun with it!


    Below is a few of my favorite IG posts of the color in different variations that I love.


    Blorange IMG_2459 IMG_2463

    Well, Dames, hope you liked the inspo. Make sure to tag me on IG so I can repost you! I love seeing your cool hair color and styles!!


    Amalia Moscoso,

    The Hair Dame

  • Shoot for More Volume – BTS with The Hair Dame

    Posted 03 March 2017

    secret volume

    Happy Friday, Dames! Last month we had a lovely time shooting with models of all ages for Secret Volume by The Hair Dame. Secret Volume is a master hair extension piece: you can use it for multiple purposes. It can cover any thinner spots on top of your head and can be used in the back to cover a cowlick. My favorite is to use as a volumizer on the crown of your hair and as a filler in updos. Its the most versatile hair piece I have seen on the market. Here’s some fun behind the scenes shots of all our fun on set and a little video from me to you on how awesome this hair piece is!

    secret volume behind the scenes

    secret volume

    secret volume


    This is such an awesome product! Check out all our videos on YouTube and get yours at We will be showing you how to maximize this product throughout the month with its multiple uses. Make sure to send us any questions. We want you to have fun with your hair!



    Amalia Moscoso,

    The Hair Dame

  • Friday Feature: Jay from Goodform Salon!

    Posted 03 March 2017

  • The Best Eco-Friendly Hair Products To Celebrate World Wildlife Day!

    Posted 02 March 2017

    Processed with MOLDIV

    Dames! Today is World Wildlife Day! I have spent so much time as a child and a little as an adult exploring in wildlife parks. My business partner, Debbie, and I are extremely passionate about the ecology of our world and our precious mother nature.  Understanding that hair and beauty products have a big part in that cycle is important to our health and the planet’s. Parabens and sulfates have been linked to cancer and cancer-causing agents. The way products are manufactured and even the packaging contributes to the health factors as well. The best thing you can do for yourself, your hair, and our world is to purchase sulfate-free, paraben-free and to take it a step further by looking for brands that have sustainable manufacturing and packaging. I pulled together a few of my favorite brands for you that are under this scope with different price points to give you an idea of what’s out there.


    Living Proof – Paraben-free, sulfate-free, phthalate-free. Jennifer Aniston approves! Perfect for color-treated hair as well.



    Amika – Sulfate-free, cruelty-free. Trendy, natural, and popular among celebs.



    De Lorenzo Elements – No petrochemicals, cruelty-free, vegan. Cool little Australian brand that made it all the way to the States!


    Screen shot 2011-01-18 at 21.46.25

    TRESemmé Naturals – Silicone-free, low sulfate. Slightly pricier than the regular TRESemmé, but definitely worth it and still super affordable.



    Garnier Fructis Pure Clean – Silicone-free, paraben-free. Cheapest on the list. Easy, simple — can share with your boyfriend, husband, or even kids!


    Thanks for reading, Dames! Let me know which shampoo you love and tag me on Instagram for a repost!!



    Amalia Moscoso,

    The Hair Dame

  • Red Carpet Report – A Surprising Way To Get The Look!

    Posted 27 February 2017

    Source: Getty Images

    Hey, Dames!

    The Oscars were pretty hilarious last night complete with that snafu ending. However, the red carpet looks were anything but wrong!  I was so impressed with how gorgeous and beautiful everyone looked. The hair was out of this world.

    Pssst… I have a serious new obsession with wigs. Why? because you can literally achieve so many looks so easily and so quickly.  Kris Jenner stated last night on E! that wigs are all the new rage and everyone is wearing them. Even Khloé is using wigs in her makeovers on Revenge Body! This isn’t like the old days when wigs were heavy and plastic looking. Old (to me) meaning when I used to go to raves in the 90’s. I use to also find some really horrible wigs in my grandma’s closet. Well, not anymore!

    So many women were wearing wigs last night (we won’t tell who) and some definitely should’ve been (I won’t mention those names either).  However, I will mention some of my absolute fav looks and show you where you can get the wig that matches the cut. You can style it or accessorize it to look as glamorous, hippie, chic, retro, or as classic as you wish! Lux Wigs has all the styles you can replicate. The name of the wig style is below the image.  You can click on the image to get them. Happy wig-wearing for everyone!

    Getty Images Name of Wig- Lite Touch Bob

    Getty Images
    Name of Wig- Lite Touch Bob


    Source: Getty Images

    Source: Getty Images Name of Wig- Wavy Pixy


    oscars 2017-

    Name of Wig- Textured Pixy

    Name of Wig- Curled Bob Or Soft Curls

    oscars 2017

    Name of Wig- Textured Bob

    Name of Wig-  Curled bob

    Name of Wig- Curled Bob

  • HairClutch: Go From Gym To Work In Under a Minute

    Posted 24 February 2017

    nikki howard

    Hi, Dames! I introduced you to Nikki Howard at the beginning of the month. She’s a model, actress, and all-around amazing Dame! In the video below she shows us how she goes from the gym to an audition-ready look in under a minute.


    She uses Secret Extensions and HairClutch. Use promo code THD4HC for a discount at checkout on your own HairClutch!



    Amalia Moscoso,

    The Hair Dame

  • Do My Hair Extensions Need a Bath?

    Posted 23 February 2017


    Dear Dames,

    The answer is yes! All hair extensions need a bath! I would say your hair should be washed every three times you wear it, especially if you spray product on it. Make sure to brush it first. Wash it with sulfate-free shampoo and let it hang to dry.

    Your Secret Extensions don’t really need too much product, but they do need a bath from time to time. With these pieces you can actually use Woolite. Because they are synthetic, they don’t need a sulfate-free formula, in fact a gentle detergent like Woolite works perfectly.  Another option is baby shampoo. Wash with lukewarm/almost cold water and hang to dry.

    You know you need to wash your hair extensions when:
    a) They are tangled and wont hold a curl
    b) They feel like they have a layer of something on them – it’s product! Wash them!
    c) The color’s not as bright as it’s supposed to be.

    There you have it!

    Keep those hair pieces clean and vibrant. Make sure to get your Hairclutch as this product actually extends the life of your hair – keeping it clean and safely stored. Perfect for travel, storage and styling!

    hair extensions storage, kim kardashian hair extensions,

  • Mermaid Hair – Wet, Long and Beautiful

    Posted 22 February 2017


    Hi, Dames! It’s still winter, but who doesn’t like to dip out of the cold and into the Caribbean or head to Mexico for a little sunshine and R&R?  If you do find yourself there or just want to act like you’re there, there’s one look you need right now: the wet, “Kim K in Miami” look. It’s wavy, curly and stays looking wet. There’s a few tricks to it and different levels of wet. This is my personal go to when I’m on vacay, and that’s way before Kim K was doing it!  Below is a light version of it, but not as dramatic. However, this wont frizz up on you, wont look greasy, and will stay wet looking all night. Its a great look for a wedding near the beach, a daytime pool party, a dinner on vacay or, if you live in Florida, any day!



    In this style I used my Secret Extensions by The Hair Dame to achieve the length and color on my ends. I prepped the wave in my extensions in my HairClutch. I then followed the steps below.

    Get the look:

    1. You can start with clean hair or not so clean hair. It’s actually better if you have a day of dirty hair so your roots are already a little wet-looking.

    2. Wave your hair with beach waves and use texturizer to make it beachy and piecey. Take a little mix of coconut oil and grooming cream and work it into your hair starting at the roots and move into the ends.

    3. If you do not have coconut oil handy, you can use a little gel and dry oil. Mix the gel and styling or grooming cream and spray with dry oil at the end.

    Heres some of my favorite products:


  • Headbands: Solve Your Baby Hair’s Problem

    Posted 21 February 2017


    How many of you have baby hairs around your hairline?

    I mean, I kind of love how J-Lo always makes them prominent in her hairstyles with a little tooth brush and gel. However, that may not be your thing!  They may be driving you crazy!

    Recently, I’m surrounded by babies — so many of my girlfriends are having them! It’s a beautiful thing. What comes with having a baby, however, is slight hair loss. The worst part of that is the grow-back. A few of my friends have recently asked me what to do with those annoying hairs sticking straight out of their head. Well, my simple answer: HEADBANDS!

    Here’s some cute ideas.  I’m kind of obsessed with this site. I love their headbands ~> here.


    Source: Pinterest

    cute- headbands

    Source: Pinterest


    Source: Pinterest


    Solution! If you’re not into baby hairs and yours are in between lengths, just slap a headband on it.



    Amalia Moscoso, The Hair Dame

  • My Night Routine: The Hair Dame Shows and Tells

    Posted 15 February 2017


    Hi, Dames! Everyone always asks me how I achieve my everyday hairstyle. The truth is… I woke up like this! I have a routine that works perfectly for my hair texture and leaves me waking up to perfect waves! (Well, mostly perfect). I do sometimes tweak it a little bit with an iron. Check out the video below to hear my simple guide to replicate routine.

    My favorite products:







  • “Cool Girl” Hair: Meet the Trend That’s Here to Slay

    Posted 14 February 2017


    I’ve noticed that a lot of people are still loving half up styles with a top knot. I can’t lie – I’m loving it too. It’s an easy mix up of a regular half style. However, I’ve noticed that some Dames have all this beautiful thick hair with extensions and then their top knots are… a little weak. I am currently obsessed with this new Volumizer hair piece. It makes buns bigger, knots bigger, updo’s fuller, and it can even be clipped on to cover over grown roots if you haven’t made it into the salon yet. In the pics below, I’ll show you how to make your top knot bigger with it!

    khloe-kardashian-top knot

    ** Note: I prepped my Secret Extensions by The Hair Dame first and put them on before hand.

    Step 1: Using your bristle brush, smoooth out any kinks and bumps in your hair and pull up to the top in a tight rubber band. When pulling your hair through the rubber band, don’t pull it all the way through, leaving a little loop (the long hair left out will be used later)

    Step 2: Take the Secret Volume piece and clip it in around the loop. There are three clips on the piece, so clip them one by one as you wrap around the loop.

    Step 3: Tease the volumizer all the way around.

    Step 4: Take the long piece of hair that was left out from the loop and wrap it around the teased hair and pin into place. Voila! Bigger buns!

    Step 5: Tease underneath the top layer of your hair to give a little volume to the hair that’s left down.


    So… there you go Dames. The top knot is here to stay so you might as well make it slay!


    Amalia Moscoso, The Hair Dame

  • Red Carpet Report: 2017 Grammy Awards

    Posted 13 February 2017

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